Who Are SSP



Our values underpin everything we do and how we do it.

We are customer focused

We give every customer a  first class experience each time they visit us and we do all that we can to increase  the number of customers  that come through our doors. We listen to them through all our feedback tools and we adapt what we do to meet their needs.

We are passionate about food

Our love of food sits at the heart of our focus on the customer. We are excited about new recipes and new concepts which demonstrate our passion and customer understanding. We embrace regular tasting of our products to ensure we are producing award winning food.

We find inspiration everywhere

Being an expert partner and innovator means we have to be the best we can be at our job. We listen to ideas and encourage people to take ownership of their role. We inspire our teams and empower everyone to do whatever it takes to deliver results.

We celebrate our success

We are excited about our business and we recognise people for being part of it. We have fun and we make sure that people who help make this business great are recognised and rewarded for doing so. From the little things to the milestones in your life and your career, we celebrate achievements all year round.

I can make a difference

Working together we all make SSP the best part of the journey for our customers. You are empowered to deliver results and have fun with your team, making sure we do all we can to drive sustainable profitable growth year on year.

New recruits to SSP get a wonderfully warm welcome...

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