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The complexities of running such an extensive organisation mean we need an immensely talented Support Services Team to help our Operations Teams deliver consistent results whilst maintaining their focus on the customer.

Support team roles range from Finance, Marketing, IT Support and Property right through to Human Resources, to name but a few. Many members of our support team come from operational backgrounds. It is this combination along with a diverse range of experience and skills that allows us to provide a world class service to our internal customers.

Roles available...


With a portfolio of over 35 different brands nationwide, our finance team are responsible for producing complex business models and financial strategies for SSP in the unpredictable world of food travel locations. Our finance team includes management and financial accountants, analysts and supporting administrative assistants to account for the 700+ units in the UK.

HR & Learning and Development

The search for talent in the retail and catering industries is increasingly competitive and demands great imagination and resourcefulness to secure the very best people. Our HR team includes Resourcing, L&D and Operational HR specialists and delivers impeccable support and training to ensure we secure and develop that talent.

IT Support

Our IT team is responsible for one of the most sprawling EPOS systems in catering and retail, as well as the infrastructure and support our teams need. Their ongoing role in evolving IT systems that better support our organisation is crucial to our pursuit of excellence and success.


Marketing a single product or business is a considerable challenge. Doing it for all the products of multiple brands is phenomenally demanding. Make no mistake; these are some of the biggest jobs in the industry. From administrative and analytical support, PR & Marketing Communications, to New Product Development and Senior Brand Managers, our marketing team are experts in their field.


Rail stations and airports are extraordinary places to build a business. Our property and business development team work very closely with rail and air authorities and our franchise partners, to maximise business opportunities and help us grow.

Purchasing and Logistics

Food is where we begin and end. We demand the best and freshest ingredients, great presentation and service, providing value for money across multiple price points. Our purchasing and logistics team are central to delivering this and ensure the delivery of fresh food and ingredients to many out of the way locations.

Benefits & Rewards

When you become a Food Travel Expert, you become part of an organisation that believes in a commitment to quality, continuous improvement and partnership. Here is a sample of our excellent range of benefits that you could be eligible to receive as a member of the SSP Team.

Personal Development

SSP recognise the importance of supporting you to realise your career ambitions as well as developing you to achieve recognised qualifications. That's why our apprenticeship programmes offer you the opportunity to learn and qualify whilst carrying out your day job with us.

Our structured learning and development career pathway means that on completion of one programme you have the opportunity to continue learning and progressing your SSP career with the enhanced knowledge and understanding of our business.

Meet some of our people!

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  • Name
    Fiona joined SSP 10 years ago as a part- time team leader in a café bar. She is now a Multi-Unit Manager of real Food Company and Soho Coffee.

    What has been the highlight of your SSP development journey?

    I have enjoyed meeting new friends and sharing best practice across the business. The opportunity to gain experience, learn new skills and develop within the company has had a big impact on my career path. The programmes have given me the drive to think about my future with SSP.
  • Name
    Saurabh joined SSP five years ago. his first managerial position with SSP was an assistant Manager role at Upper Crust, victoria Station and was promoted to Unit Manager at Ixxys within a year. Saurabh currently works as a Multi-Unit Manager for Upper Crust, liverpool Street Station and has recently taken on responsibility for our excel Centre units.

    What has been the highlight of your SSP development journey?

    I have gained more confidence in my ability to manage people. I have also been asked to be involved in a number of varied projects.
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