• How should you prepare for an interview at SSP?

    We appreciate that an interview can make people nervous, we encourage candidates to do some research about our company and the location you are applying for. Remember what is important to us is that we want our colleagues to be passionate, have a customer focused attitude and are willing to be part of a great team.

  • What questions did they ask during the interview at SSP?

    During the interview we will ask you some questions to make sure we are both a good match for each other and talk through the role. For example, for team member roles, we will be discussing (amongst other things) customer service and teamwork, and for leadership / management roles we will be discussing the competencies needed to lead a team and manage a business. We also welcome any questions or comments you may have.

  • What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing for SSP?

    Be yourself! We would like to meet the real you, embrace your personality and your best traits. Tell us how you could make a difference and what makes you unique. Think of some examples of things you’ve done in the past to demonstrate your skills, rather than just saying ‘I’m good at….’, show us how.

  • What are the working hours at SSP?

    We operate mainly in airports and rail stations across the UK, some of our units can open as early as 3am and some are open 24/7. Full time is generally over 32 hours per week and part time is dependent on the unit’s requirements but as an example could be 16+ hours per week. We have a range of shifts to suit your lifestyle, so please get in touch.

  • Does SSP allow flexible working hours or are the hours fixed?

    We know it’s not easy juggling work and family and we want to do everything we can to help you manage your time well. A business as diverse as ours, we have the ability for our colleagues to apply for flexible working, which we will review on an individual basis

  • What is the minimum age required to work at SSP?

    We welcome applications from all ages, however some of our units require lone and night working and sell alcohol which would not be suitable if you are under 18 years old.

  • Does SSP require pre-employment background checks?

    What kind of background check does SSP do and how long does it take? We operate in travel locations across the country, mainly in Airports and railway stations. Airports are secure environments and all successful candidates that join us are required to comply with Airport Security regulations. This means providing references to cover the last 5 years and undergoing a Criminal Record Check. Don’t worry if it sounds daunting, we will guide and help you through this process.